Global Experience Initiation Programme (GEXIP)
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A. Programme Overview

The GEXIP are created especially for international students. For over years, we have worked with schools and teachers worldwide to develop syllabuses that are suitable for different countries, different types of schools and for learners with a wide range of abilities. Our Programme is accepted through a progression agreement accepted by various institution of higher education, universities worldwide as providing proof of musical skills, knowledge and understanding.

This syllabus offers students the opportunity to develop their own practical musical skills through the Hitmaker concept i.e. LIVE (Performance), STAR (Production), FAME (Artist Development) and MAKE (Management and Entrepreneurship). The programme offers both contemporary and classical learning which includes their listening skills by studying music from the main historical periods and styles of Western music as well as from selected non-Western traditions. The emphasis within the syllabus is as much on developing lifelong musical skills as on acquiring knowledge.

Learners studying GEXIP are given the opportunity to:

  • listen to and learn about music from our global award winning lecturers and REAL industry practitioners;
  • develop their skills in performing music, both individually and in a group with other musicians
  • develop their skills in composing music in a style of their own choice.

Our programmes balance a thorough knowledge and understanding of a subject and help to develop the skills learners need for their next steps in education or employment.

B. Entry Requirements

We target students between the age of 16 and at least completed junior high school or equivalent level. Admission to the school will be merit-based and emphasis will be given to the artistic potential of the applicant. The academic board will access the applicants by an audition and interview.

The school will determine the minimum academic qualification requirements for admission on a case-by-case basis. Students who do not fulfil any of the above will be accepted on a case-by-case basis.

C. Interview & Audition

All applicants to this course will be interviewed or auditioned.

  • Instrumentalists and singers: a 10-12 minute performance on 1st study of two contrasting piece or three songs and sight-singing or sight-reading tests; or
  • Composing an original work: the submission of a portfolio of works prior audition; and
  • A brief write up about yourself, and a mission statement about your future career path.

D. Course Progression

  1. Stanfort Academy | Stanfort Faculty of Music (Choice of 3 courses focusing on Performance, Music Production and Management Studies. Each course is a one-year programme)
    • Diploma in Music Performance & Creative Arts (LIVE)
    • Diploma in Music & Creative Arts for Music Production (STAR)
    • Diploma in Artist Development & Creative Arts (FAME)
    • Advanced Diploma in Music & Entrepreneurship (MAKE)
  2. Australian Academy of Music & Performing Arts (AMPA)
    • Bachelor in Music (Performance) – a 1-year progression from Stanfort Academy
      • Contemporary & Jazz Music
      • Music Production/Composition
      • Classical Music
      • Musical Theatre
    • Master of Performance – a 2-year progression from the Bachelor’s degree programme
      • Music Performance
  3. Universal Business School of Sydney
    • Master of Business Administration – Direct Progression from Stanfort Academy Advanced Diploma in Music & Entrepreneurship with credit exemptions starting from 8 – 12 modules subject to approval.
  4. DIME | Metropolitan State University of Denver
    1. Bachelor of Arts in Music – Commercial Music Performance (Guitar, Bass, Drum & Vocal)
    2. Bachelor of Arts in Music – Commercial Songwriting
    3. Bachelor of Arts in Music – Music Industry Studies

E. Progression | Conditional Letter of Offer

Successful completion of the programme, student will be awarded a certificate of completion by the Hitmaker Global Academy with the Conditional Offer Letter for the subsequently confirmed progression to read the programmes designated for the programme in Singapore, and other partner institution globally.

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