Music Appreciation, Composition & Arranging
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Course Objective

This course covers the basics of using loops, MIDI, software instruments, and audio in a digital audio workstation (DAW), to compose, structure, and arrange in a variety of contemporary musical styles.

  • Learn how to compose for drums, bass guitar, guitar, and keyboard instruments, in the context of a pop song through the use of MIDI and software instruments
  • Learn how to write songs and arrange in a variety of musical styles and genres
  • Learn about Audio, MIDI, software instruments in Pro Tools, Exposure to Different Styles using Loops
  • Introduction to music arrangement, exposure to different styles using loops, and working with audio clips 

Course Duration

30 lessons x 2 Hours

Course Learning Outcome

  • Student gain knowledge about the tools and softwares used in the actual music producing environment
  • Student gain knowledge on using the industry standard music recording software – Pro-Tools
  • Student learn basic music recording, arranging and composing
  • Learn to appreciate music producing and the creative industry practices