Musical Theatre – Level 1
A beginner’s guide to all Musical Theatre lovers who would love to kick start their musical theatre journey of expressing yourself through song & dance. From Basic Theatre Etiquette, Character Studies to Rhythmic & Musicality for Singing & Dancing!
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Course Objective

  • Basic theatre etiquette
  • Acting – Character Studies
  • Body Coordination & Facial Expression
  • Proper Breathing Techniques & Voice Placement for Musical Theatre Singing
  • Rhythmic & Musicality 
  • Technical Accuracy for Basic Street Jazz

Course Duration

  • Independent Study + 60 Minutes of one to one online session.

Course Instructions/Lessons

  • 12 sessions

Course outcome

  • The student will be able to memorize and perform 2 Song & Dance & 1 Monologue unassisted.


  • Students will need to record the 2 Song & Dance unassisted + 1 monologue and submit for professional comment. A worksheet on character development will also be given to help understand the pieces that they will be doing. Quiz will also be given after each session to ensure student’s understanding of each topic.

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