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Course Objective

  • Understand the parts and anatomy of a guitar
  • Basic finger/hand exercises
  • How to hold a guitar pick/plectrum
  • How to read chord diagrams
  • Know how to engage in basic strumming and picking of both open strings and single fretted notes.
  • Know how to use a tuner to tune your guitar to a standard E – A – D – G – B – E tuning.
  • Identify different types of guitars (acoustic, electric. Etc.). 
  • Be able to play the basic common open chords from the CAGED system.
  • Strum Patterns

Course Duration

  • Independent Study/Practice + 60 Minutes of one to one online session.

Course Instructions/Lessons

  • 12 sessions

Course outcome:

The student will be able to apply the required techniques and play 1 slow song and 1 uptempo song.


Students will need to record and play 2 songs (1 Verse and 1 Chorus per song)  unassisted and submit for professional comment.  A quiz will also be given after each session to ensure the student’s understanding of each topic.

A quiz will also be given after each lesson.