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Section 1 Introduction

A. Introduction of the Course

Piano for Non-Major is designed for students in non – piano major. It is a one term long course, once a week.
This course inspires students with a more complexed sound than their own instruments or voices, which allows students to have a wider perspective in music, and importantly with joy and fun.

B. Aim of Module

This Module is not aiming for being able to play big piano concert repertoire, but more importantly to deliver a general understanding of keyboard instruments.

C. Student Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, students are expected to

  1. have more macroscopic view to music;
  2. be able to play bass scales;
  3. play easy piano solo pieces;

Section 2 Assessments

Type of AssessmentsAssessments DatesPass MarkWeightings
ExaminationWeek 1550%
Course AssignmentsEvery Week50%

A. Summary of Assessments

B. Description of Assessments

  1. Examination: The examination consists three solo-piece from ABRSM exam Grade 1; Hand separately plays two octaves C, G, D, F major scales, A, D minor scales; Both hands play Contrary-motion one octave C major scale; Hand separately plays broken chords C, G, F major scales, A, D minor scales.
  2. Course Assignments: The course assignments are always given after each lesson. It is a combination of scales, broken chords, etudes, and solo pieces. The assignments will be gradual progress.

The final result will be a combination of both examination and course assignments.

C. Resulte and Banding

86% – 100%Distinction
80% – 85%Merit
66% – 79%Pass
below 65%Fail

Section 3 Learning Material Needed

A. Books and Etudes

  1. Charles-Louis Hanon’s The Virtuoso Pianist
  2. Ferdinand Beyer’s Vorschule im Klavierspiel, Op. 101
  3. Carl Czerny’s Practical Method for Beginners Op. 599
  4. Dennis Alexander’s Duet Books
  5. ABRSM Piano Grade 1

B. Handouts

  1. Handouts are made by tutor, which can be scales or other piano related information.