Participants are to provide their own costumes, hair styling, make-up and are required to don proper attire. Attire may include accessories such as hats, gloves, scarves, jewellery, etc. Removing pieces of clothing during the performance is permitted provided it is not offensive or out of character. Costumes are to be secured and avoid overexposure. T-shirts shall not bear any indecent words or graphics.

Medical Attention

It is the responsibility of the participant and/or family member and/or accompanying party to report a participant’s injury or illness to the event organizer(s). If a participant were to sustain major injuries (e.g. concussion, heavy bleeding on part/s of the body), the injured member must receive immediate medical attention. In any case of serious injuries that need medical attention, the Organizer will determine the necessity of sending the injured participant to the nearest hospital/medical facility. However, all medical expenses will be borne by such participant.


Inappropriate and suggestive gestures are not permitted and may rule the participant disqualified. If there is any act of physical violence (e.g. punching, hitting, slapping) or any unruly behaviour between any of the participants at any point (involving one or more participants), the participant will be immediately disqualified. Involved participants will be immediately removed from the event and necessary disciplinary actions will be taken.

Dance theme or moves should not show any level of violence; act of indecency or in any nature to offend racial/political/sexist matters.

The Organizers embrace sportsmanship, hence if any participant behaves in a manner that is unfair to any other participant or behaves in any other inappropriate manner, as determined by the panel of judges at their sole and absolute discretion, the participant could be disqualified. All decisions made by the Judges are final. 

Participants are not permitted to smoke at the performance venues. No drugs or alcohol are permitted in the event.