Vocals – Level 2
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Course Description

In this program, you would learn how to sing a song in your own interpretation by exploring different voice expressions and also the use of your Head Voice. 

Course Requirements

To be able to Sing in accurate pitch and rhythm.

Course Objective

  • Tone Placement
  • Vowel Placement
  • Head Voice
  • Voice Switch
  • Facial, Body and Voice Expression
  • Song interpretation
  • Voice Technicality
  • Voice Expansion

Course Duration

  • Independent Study/Practice + 60 Minutes of one to one online session.

Course Instructions/Lessons

  • 12 sessions

Course Outcome

  • The student will be able to apply the techniques and perform 1 FULL slow song

Quiz / Assessment

  • Students will need to record and perform 1 full song and submit for professional comment. A quiz will also be given to help ensure that the student understands the topics that were taught.